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I'm Danielle Griffiths the author of Fashion Stylist's Handbook.     

I first wrote the book to help young stylists who were starting off in the industry understand how the fashion styling system works. But the more I work, the more I write and the more people I speak to about the book and the industry, the more I’ve become aware of how little information people outside the industry have about the work of a stylist.

If you’re a stylist starting out and wanting to get into editorial; an Instagrammer, a blogger or a YouTuber wanting to know how to acquire clothes for advertising; or a start-up company needing a team, with no idea of how the industry works or what to ask for. Then this book and site is for you. 

I'm Opening Up A Closed World!

Danielle X


The Book


Fashion Stylist's Handbook

The aim of this handbook is to provide a comprehensive insider’s guide to working in styling, a fast-paced and fascinating area of the fashion industry. With the focus on ‘how to be a stylist’, rather than ‘how to style’, it offers an informative, creative and practical introduction for anyone starting out in one of the most popular and aspirational careers in fashion.

Everything you need to know about styling will be divulged within this book, giving you a head start.

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