Know Your Stylists - Zoe Costello - Fashion Editor Flaunt Magazine.






british stylist Zoe Costello is Fashion editor at Flaunt magazine in NYC.

SHe is also an art director and styles the group Migos.












Fashion Team

Brand : Gucci 

Photographer : Amanda Charchian  Represented by @katybarkerltd

Styled by : Zoe Costello 

Model  : Khadijha Red Thunder @khadijha

Represented by @photogenicsla LA @heffnermanagement SEA & @stormmodels LND

Hair : Christine Nelli 

Make-Up : Jeffrey Baum 

Production : @sweetbabyjudkins 













Artist : Ric Flair Dripp in @gucci  @lallo25

Group : Migos 

Styled by : Zoe Costello








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