You should always do your research before attempting to contact or meet people and companies you would like to work with. This can be done by looking through magazines, watching films, documentaries or reading up about them online (see Chapter 6). As well as the fashion magazines, look at the advertising agencies and music companies whose work fits your style and aspirations for your career direction. Look at who they have worked with in terms of magazines or film producers, stylists, photographers and models. Do you like their agency and website, their work and their style? Is it the kind of work you would like to do or could do?

It is possible to find an enormous amount of information online, such as which photographer, stylist and model worked on a particular advertising campaign, or who was the band manager and stylist on a music video or album cover. Your aim is to discover styling history and visual references, to find advertising companies, band managers and photographers. Watch YouTube / MTV, get to know which directors you would like to work with, who shot the latest video for the hottest band. Contact these people and study their inspiration for the shoots.



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