Image -  Fashion Scout  Designer - Tolu Coker (Winner Merit Award A/W 2019)

Image - Fashion Scout Designer - Tolu Coker (Winner Merit Award A/W 2019)


With London Fashion Week fast approaching (13th Sept 2019), it is not too late to request your tickets. Over on the Resources page of this website I talk about Fast-Track ticket requesting for London Fashion Week - ON Schedule shows.

There are two types of fashion weeks going on during LFW:

ON Schedule - organised by the British Fashion Council 

OFF Schedule - organised by Fashion Scout 

The OFF Schedule designers are no less important to watch than the ON Schedule - these are designers completely worth watching (AND it is a little easier to get hold of tickets.)

So, how can I help?

Here is the latest OFF SCHEDULE schedule

Again, to stop you spending a whole morning/day at your desk requesting individual tickets, I have put together a Google Sheets document - “OFF SCHEDULE TICKET REQUEST” - Giving you a fast-track email system to work with.

If you haven’t already, be sure to have read LFW Ticket Request on my Resources page. Where I show you, step by step, how to fast-track email everyone of the press contacts in one go!

So what are you waiting for?

Go start requesting *tickets for the shows today!! Click the link, to get your FREE Google Sheets document and send out those emails sharpish .

Let’s Fashion Your Future!

Bye for now

Danielle xx

*Sending out emails to all the PRs for ticket requests does not guarantee you a ticket for the LFW shows.