As a stylist, steamers are our go-to kit of choice. Yes we use irons, but mostly we use steamers to de-crease the clothes we borrow from PR's. Our job is fast-paced and working with an iron can be a slow task. We can steam a rail of clothing in less than half the time it would to iron a full rail and much less chance of ruining garments, which can happen a lot with the use of an iron.

The Fridja steamers are the best on the market.

I invited Ben Fridja of Fridja steamers to come along to one of my lectures at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, where he brought two of his steamers to present to the class for the Stylist’s Toolkit.



The first up was the Fridja F10 portable handheld.

This is an impressive piece of kit, it has just as much steam power as the stand up steamer.  It is small and compact and ideal for a stylist's kit bag.

It comes in three colours ways:

Pink - Gigi

White - Erin

Black - Raf


Quick Facts:

 Handheld F10 steamer with detachable water tank. Bottle adapter for use with a water bottle. 

Handheld F10 steamer with detachable water tank. Bottle adapter for use with a water bottle. 

The F10 handheld warms up in 45 secs

Has a standby button for when you need the steamer left on

Control button for constant flow of steam or the option for controlled bursts.

Steams nonstop for 14 mins

Light & portable at 900 grams

My favourite part of the handheld is that if I travel I can leave the water tank at home, leaving more space in my luggage and I can use a bottle of water with the water adapter provided.


Price: £99.99


I have bought and used different brands of handheld steamers in the past - though they did the job ish.. I wouldn’t recommend them, purely for the fact that I have been electrocuted.

The Fridja steamer on the other hand is far ahead in terms of power and style that anything else is just not worth spending your money on.



steamer F-1400.png

And second - The stand up

Fridja F-1400:

Ready to steam in 45 seconds

3.2 Litre water tank

100 Minutes continuous steaming

1500 Watt

Remote control handle with standby mode.

Light Weight at 5.4kg


Price: £149.99

Again a fantastic steamer 




steamer F1000.png

The other make Fridja have is the updated F1000 model - 

Fridja F1000:

Ready to steam in 35 seconds

2.2 Litre water tank

65 Minutes continuous steaming 

Perfect for delicate clothing including silk and lace

1500 Watt 

Light Weight at 5.4kg


Price: £99.99


Priced the same as the handheld F10 these are very savvy buys.  I personally would opt for the handheld for work, as mostly there is a steamer at a studio. But for home, I would certainly have one of the uprights. 


How to steam a trench coat





Check out Fridja School, where there are plenty of videos, like the one to the left, on how to steam different items of clothing.